Financial Wellness Employee Wellness

Financial Wellness at home and in the office!


The Omega Money Coach Financial Wellness Program is designed to give you all of the resources that you need to make Better Financial Decisions for a Better Financial Life!!    This program is great for families trying to eliminate debt and create wealth, students who are needing to have a solid footing as they enter the "real world" and Employers who want to offer a benefit to their employees that has a real world impact on their employees as well as the success of the business.  The Financial Wellness program gives you instant access to:
  • Easy to use Budget Sheets
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • An Online Classroom with over 43 classes covering over 9 different categories broken down to help you navigate:
    • The Psychology of Money
    • Budgeting
    • Account Management
    • Credit and your Credit Profile
    • Loans and Debt
    • Risk and Risk Management
    • Taxes and Government Influence
    • Investments including Real Estate, Retirement and more
    • Education and Alternatives
Financial Coaching for Graduates

Students & Graduates

Your child is ready to go out in to the real world.  You have helped them, nurtured them, provided for them.  Now there is one more thing that you can do for them.  Give them the tools that they need to be financially independent.  The Omega Money Coach Financial Wellness program gives your student everything that they need to make informed decisions with their finances.

Family Financial Wellness


Tired of living paycheck to paycheck.  You are doing everything that you can to stick to a budget.  Want nothing more than to eliminate debt and build wealth.  The Omega Money Coach Financial Wellness program gives you all of the tools that you need to go it alone and change your families financial future.

Corporate Financial Wellness


Your employees are worried about finances.  This takes time away from work, time away from your business.  What if you could provide a resource for your employees to deal with their finances.  If you could help eliminate some of that stress and distraction caused by financial worries.  The good news is that you can.  The Omega Money Coach Financial Wellness program is designed to help employees get a handle on their finances  and have the resource tools that they need to mitigate financial stress in their lives that interferes with their work.